breakfast, have a good lunch , and eat a little

breakfast, have a good lunch , and eat a little

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It is just in time for the elderly in the community to pick up the lunch box at the lunch. this is a custom-made lunch for the elderly in Longhua Street, two vegetarian and one meat with rice, eight yuan each (heard that such a standard costs 17 or 18 yuan in the market). The old people who came were all carrying insulation bags with one or two lunch boxes inside, which I took back last time. I took a look, and they were all washed clean. The staff communicate with them enthusiastically and seem to be familiar with each of their families. The old people were also very concentrated, and thirty or so old people were picked up in a short time.

Based on a saying handed down by our ancestors, “eat a full breakfast, have a good lunch, and eat a little dinner.” so after weighing it, the female friends decided to give up this unimportant dinner and lose weight by skipping dinner. but you know what? What happened to those who skipped dinner in the end?

breakfast, have a good lunch , and eat a little

After school at noon on February 14, more than 220 students from five afternoon care classes in Central Road Primary School went to the bathroom to wash their hands for the next lunch. After washing their hands, they went back to their seats, laid the cloth, set the table, got ready, happily went to the incubator in front of the classroom, and stood in line to pick up their lunch. The classroom of the afternoon care class is incarnated as the “restaurant”, and the children eat delicious food with relish.

Including accommodation, Wenchang Zhengda building materials firm Wenchang City Wenchang Avenue Fu Anju Building Materials City, first floor sales specialist 3; female, 20-35 years old high school culture has a certain degree of communication, coordination skills, good character, good professional ethics 1800 + commission to provide lunch, not

In order to ensure the heat preservation of caring lunches and enable the elderly in Huangpu Street to eat nutritious meals at the right temperature, the Huangpu Street Community Day Care Service Center has specially customized lunch box insulation bags for the elderly in Huangpu Street. For two weeks, as of January 18, all the 560 elderly diners received this small gift of love and felt the warm care from the Huangpu Street Community Day Care Service Center.

At 10:00 on Tuesday, February 28th, the dining car and lunch staff of Dongfeng No. 1 Primary School are already in place. Today, there are crispy duck, fried meat with gluten, cabbage and mung bean and pumpkin soup. At 11:35, after the head teacher finished the head count, he led the students who did not participate in the afternoon care to line up and leave school after school. The students who took part in the lunch care stood in line to pick up the meal in an orderly manner and enjoyed lunch under the care of the teacher on duty.

breakfast, have a good lunch , and eat a little

It is understood that the food delivery incubator can keep a constant temperature for four hours to ensure that the lunch actually distributed to the students is not less than 65 degrees Celsius. The menu is not the same 5 days a week, and the standard food is two meat dishes, one vegetarian dish, one staple food, one non-staple food and one soup.

The famous medical journal Journal of Nutrition published a report by the research team of Osaka University in Japan, which analyzed the health examination data of 17573 male and 8860 female college students at Osaka University Health Care Center. the effects of breakfast, lunch and dinner frequency on body weight were studied.

After riding the plough and skating through the ice, the Russian breakfast is almost digested, so have a different picnic for lunch. It was probably the wildest picnic, with minus 20 degrees Celsius, no extra props, bread, butter, apples, biscuits, luncheon meat and freshly smoked white salmon just bought in the back of the pickup truck. The only hot thing is black tea in an incubator cup. Standing on the blue lake, although the wind is mild and sunny, it can not withstand the biting cold. After skating, the residual heat of the body cools quickly and can only be warmed by hot tea, but after exercise, all the food is surprisingly delicious, especially the Baikal white salmon, whose unique smoking method makes the fish particularly delicious. This may be the coldest picnic in my life, and it must be the most unforgettable picnic.