If it is a beach picnic with an

If it is a beach picnic with an

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Go back to Changsha, come to Moon Island, find a quiet lawn on the nearby beach, drink, barbecue, dance, gossip until sunset, as if never separated. It was an afternoon that always sparkled in my mind, and it was the most serious meal in the history of the picnic plan.

As a national 4A tourist scenic spot, Dongjiang Bay Beach Scenic spot has been favored by many tourists since it resumed operation on May 30. With the advent of hot summer, many tourists are no longer satisfied with setting up tents, basking in the sun, picnicking on the beach, treading in the sand, playing in the water, and picking up shells, but also want to get in close contact with the sea and experience the sensory excitement and pleasure it brings.

If it is a beach picnic with an

Longmei, Frisbee, skateboard, trampoline, colorful tents and picnic cloth on the lawn, screaming children hanging upside down on the rock climbing wall, dancing aunts, dogs chasing dogs and strangers who occasionally meet and greet because of dog fights. Compared with the riverside sections such as Yangpu, the back Beach and the Bund, we may be able to feel more deeply the “rich but not too restrictive life situation” in the Xuhui section, a kind of “simultaneous presence” of all kinds of daily life. In the flow of sight and behavior can also promote and stimulate each other. A ban is always the easiest way to manage, but to limit “troubles” is also to limit the possibilities, while the so-called “excellence and global” promise should be able to carry a warmer, looser and pluralistic daily life.

The standard configuration of the Super 88 model is the 4-tube 300 horsepower version of the engine, and the Jmur2 optional package can be equipped with three two-tube carburetors with a power of 310 horsepower. A new option in 1958 was a “portable” radio, which could be removed from the dashboard through a glove box and used as a portable radio for beaches, picnics and other occasions. The improved dashboard is highlighted by a new deep saucer-shaped steering wheel with a “horn lever”, replacing the long-term horn ring that was still common in that period.

Not only that, the picnic bag is also a very practical tool. It is easy to carry and you can enjoy delicious food anytime and anywhere. It can provide convenience for you, whether in parks, beaches or mountains.

In late spring and early summer, people like to travel to the suburbs or the seaside, breathing fresh air, feeling the sunshine and refreshing sea breeze. At the seaside, there are many tourists on the beach. They are playing with sand, swimming and sunbathing, enjoying this beautiful season. In the suburbs, people often go to enjoy the beauty of nature by enjoying flowers, picnics and hiking.

When having a picnic, it is recommended to choose a portable and environmentally friendly picnic basket, which is foldable and can be collected freely, making it more convenient to place food. If it is a beach picnic with an incubator is convenient and practical, it can hold water directly, the sealed structure can also prevent the invasion of sand, and the injection molded ice bucket can also be used as a stool. Some picnic bags equipped with acrylic goblets are unbreakable and unique, so they are the preferred container for outdoor picnics. Those who like the mood can choose bamboo picnic basket, the heat preservation effect is not good, but the photo is good.