took out a steaming lunch box from the incubator

took out a steaming lunch box from the incubator

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According to the regulations, catering enterprises put recyclable lunch boxes containing meals into the incubator every day, and then deliver them to the school through an incubator. The lunch that the students get is about 60 ℃.

According to reports, the food delivery incubator is made of polyurethane, which can ensure that the periodic temperature of the food will not drop within four hours. For the lunch actually distributed to the students, the periodic temperature is guaranteed to be no less than 65 degrees. The lunch box is made of PP5 food grade material, which can withstand high and low temperature. After the students finished their lunch, the company recycled the lunch boxes and sorted the garbage.

So what exactly do they have for lunch? How does the student lunch box taste? Our reporter is a little curious. After the students on duty of the day were distributed to their seats, more than 20 students opened the lunch boxes for the day one by one. Our reporter noticed that in order to protect the environment, students use stainless steel plates that can be recycled. There is a transparent lid on the plate. Lunch on that day was quite rich, with roast beef with potatoes, fried shredded pork with long beans, stir-fried bean sprouts, vegetarian fried vegetables and so on. In the classroom of more than 20 people, our reporter saw that the classroom was quiet and no one chatted in a whisper. It seems that it has been too long to say goodbye to the campus, and it seems that the meals in the campus canteen are quite to the taste of the students. Some students eat with relish, while some students feel that they are not enough, so they go to the incubator and continue to add food. Our reporter paid special attention to the phenomenon of leftovers.

took out a steaming lunch box from the incubator

Start to evaluate: the classic little black skirt is comparable to the Vientiane thermal insulation lunch box, there is basically no coat is it hold can not look tight, perfect wrapping legs, so that leg shape more streamlined and slender, personality waist design plays a very good pants effect.

The rice is raw, the food is filled with worms and bamboo leaves, and the plastic foam box serving the food is very dirty. The “nutritious lunch” of children at a primary school in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, makes parents feel sick. Photos provided by netizens show children standing in line with disposable lunch boxes to pick up food on the playground. Rice and vegetables are directly packed in foam incubators, which are placed on the ground and littered with food scraps.

“Granny Feng, your lunch is here!” At noon, Uncle Xie, wearing gloves, took out a steaming lunch box from the incubator of the dining car to his mother-in-law Feng, who lived alone. The lunch box contains a soup, a salted cabbage heart, a squid fried broccoli and a chicken.

Mother also bought an insulated lunch box to prepare lunch for her. Under the care of her mother, the hygiene at home became bright and clean, and there was no need for hourly workers, so it saved a lot of effort.

took out a steaming lunch box from the incubator

Getting up in the morning to prepare lunch is a hassle. For security reasons, the school does not provide microwave ovens, so the lunch brought is either cold or packed in an insulated lunch box. These restrictions, coupled with the tight time in the morning, the limited lunch time and the convenience of eating in the classroom, do not have many tricks for lunch, and it takes a lot of time and effort.

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