season, such as clothing, handbag s, shoes or accessories

season, such as clothing, handbag s, shoes or accessories

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The new NeoCagole handbag is made of soft fine-grained sheep leather, which is particularly wanton in the use of hardware, with metal rivets, holes and buckles all over the body and shoulder straps, creating a rebellious rock flavor. Knitting handles and shoulder pads add handmade details to the bag, and the heart-shaped mirror becomes the finishing touch, like a cool girl inadvertently revealing her girlish feelings.

season, such as clothing, handbag s, shoes or accessories

Women tend to take more things than men with them, such as wallets, handbags, cosmetic bags, mobile phones, drinks, snack bags and so on. The number of internal storage boxes can not be ignored. There are more than 20 storage spaces in some models. Japanese cars are also very considerate in terms of storage space. Some models are also designed with storage boxes under the passenger seat, which can be placed with high heels or sandals. At present, the storage space of household boutique cars is developing towards more quantity and more practical settings. In addition, many high-end models or imported models are often equipped with air-conditioned air outlets in the glove box of the passenger seat. In this way, the glove box is like a mini refrigerator, in which some drinks can be placed in hot weather and taste cold and refreshing.

I always firmly believe that each bag and handbag has its own soul, telling its own unique story in different places, showing the fragrance of the owner. Such as “stray bag”.

Duanmu Liangjin, founded in 2011, is a high-end fashion handbag brand from China, focusing on designing and creating bags, accessories and lifestyle products. The main space is located in the Middle Street of 798 Art District, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Boutiques have been set up in the top luxury shopping malls in Beijing, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Shanghai and Chengdu, and are gradually recognized and favored by more and more people in the wave of imported luxury brands. Duanmulliang brocade is based on wood processing art, fine wood mosaic art, leather art, hand painting art and hardware art as the core, breaking through the technological barriers and opening up the possibility of curve design at the same time. Even gradually add rare mosaic materials such as snail, Fritillaria, golden worm feathers and precious metals, making each product as unique as a work of art. Design aesthetics spans thousands of years, takes the method of Jin and Tang dynasties, releases the aesthetic romance in the depths of tradition, and integrates the beauty of China into the contemporary era.

We are always looking for items worth starting with every season, such as clothing, handbags, shoes or accessories and jewelry, etc., whether we hope to try a new style in the new season or change into the popular trend that is popular in the season, fashion fans who pay attention to taste certainly do not want to miss any ItItems, while in the footwear part, we have been paying close attention to everyone since last year. I wonder if you have bought it? If not, please take “Slingbacks” into the shoe cabinet this year.

This dress is suitable for pastoral or leisure occasions, such as outings, picnics and so on. It is recommended to choose a light floral dress with a pair of breathable and comfortable flats or sandals to increase the sense of freshness. You can choose a simple handbag or small shoulder bag to take the necessary items with you. Hairstyle can choose natural shawl long hair or braided hairstyle to increase the pastoral style.