with wet paper towel s, and then use wiper blades;

with wet paper towel s, and then use wiper blades;

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User evaluation: the quality of the bag is very good, the delivery speed and logistics speed are very fast, the order will arrive the next day, the capacity is also large, you can install two mobile phones plus a charger, plus some small things, such as lipstick, paper towels and so on, it is very convenient to

After the front windshield of the car freezes, soak the towel in warm water and gently wipe the front windshield with a warm towel. If the front windshield does not freeze very much, it can generally be melted with a warm towel. In winter, the temperature is low. If it rains or snows, the front windshield of the car freezes easily, especially after the car is parked overnight, the temperature is below zero

Car City Automobile maintenance Center warm tip: daily driving must maintain the habit of wiper blades, first of all, if you have bird shit, gum, shellac on your front windshield, be sure to wipe it clean with wet paper towels, and then use wiper blades; secondly, when it does not rain, must not dry scraping, must be used with glass water; finally, wiper blades have a replacement cycle.

with wet paper towel s, and then use wiper blades;

3. The baby must prepare all kinds of things when he goes out. For example, warm clothes, hats, cotton socks, etc.; a cup of warm water or milk powder is also essential. The rest, such as wet paper towels, diapers, etc., it is best to prepare a mother bag, easy to organize, will not miss anything.

Pay attention to material cleaning, some materials can not be sprayed with foam cleaner, first of all, windshield, car electronic screen, fluff and then live switch should be carefully sprayed, do not spray too much. Some items made of fluffy material can be sprayed with foam and wiped with a towel, but not with a brush. Floor cleaning needs to remove the pebbles, mud blocks and other sundries on the floor and then clean them.

Still good, this bag is small and exquisite, mobile phones, wallets, keys, paper towels and other items can be put, small and delicate, leather materials, feel very good, this price is also very appropriate, really good, worth having! The bag is very beautiful, the appearance is very high, the style is very novel, the fashion atmosphere, the package is exquisite, the capacity is moderate, the material is soft and exquisite, the workmanship is fine, it is my favorite style, the woodpecker bag belongs to the middle and high grade, the quality of its bag is better, it is also very careful in the handling of details!

Car windshield, rearview mirror with it, regardless of rain or fog, the field of vision is very clear, do not have to turn on anti-fog mode, fuel and time-consuming, a wet towel to do, convenient and cost-effective!

5. There are still many cheap handbags on a certain treasure. After all, high school girls also go out on the street. It is very practical for handbags to be equipped with paper towels and lipstick. At this price, you can also find bags of relatively new style and good quality.

Rinse the towel in 40-50 degrees warm water several times, then gently wipe the front windshield of the car, wipe it several times, and then rinse it with about 40 degrees warm water, basically you can also remove the ice at the windshield, do not use hot water when removing ice with warm water, because if you use hot water, the temperature difference between the glass and hot water is too big, easy to crack the windshield, then the loss outweighs the gain.