pay special attention, if you use the towel is not very

pay special attention, if you use the towel is not very

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You know, many viruses are in close contact with the baby and cause the baby to be infected, so the things used by the baby should be stored separately from those used by adults. For example, the towel used by the baby to wipe the face, or the bathtub, can not be put together with adult things.

In addition, experts also suggest that when you go to public places that are already open, you should do a good job of personal protection, actively cooperate with local staff to register information, pay attention to hand hygiene, develop good hygiene habits, and avoid sharing some daily necessities, such as toothbrushes, towels, etc., especially when eating together, it is recommended to use public chopsticks. In densely populated areas, especially in public places, it is recommended to wear masks during the epidemic, especially where there are more people in confined spaces, and the people around them are unfamiliar and unfamiliar, so it is recommended to wear masks.

After crystal plating, because it is too bright and smooth, it looks more dirty, and a little bit of gray looks very dirty, so you need to often maintain the car wash. And maintenance car wash should also pay special attention, if you use the towel is not very clean, to wash the car easy to scratch the crystal layer, in the sun will see a lot of small scratches.

1, do not go to the public bathroom to take a bath: especially women who love swimming, must pay attention to hygiene and choose a place with a better environment. And better shower when taking a bath, do not use towels, basins, etc., so as to avoid cross-infection.

Time to go back to the dark room. My bedding has been brought in advance. I was curled up on the bed wrapped in a towel because the air conditioner was extremely low. The moon bird is playing games with a divine song (this guy is amazing, a divine song can cycle all night). The gentle upperclassman sat reading. I began to realize that I was out of touch with the outside world. I was under house arrest. I wanted to get the details out. I made an excuse that I forgot something in the dormitory. The gentle upperclassman offered to go with me. I took advantage of the gap to pick up things and told my roommates through the mouth shape to pass on the situation to one of my Guangdong seniors. The senior in Guangdong is a smart man who immediately spread the news to the outside world. On the other hand, Fei Ke also knew the news and heard Princess Xiangxiang say that he wandered in front of the building for a long time, but there was nothing he could do, so he left.

The best way is to put “water-filled pots, wet towels and vibrant plants” in the house or around the air conditioner for a long time to balance the humidity of the air and reduce the negative impact of the air conditioner.

Ichthyosis patients should pay attention to the humidity of the air, because the dry living environment will aggravate the ichthyosis. It is recommended to put more green plants at home, if you can not alleviate the problem of dry living environment, you can put a humidifier at home, put a basin of warm water or a few more wet towels in winter.

The concept of intelligence and the Internet of everything has sprung up in recent years and has gradually taken root in the hearts of the people, coupled with the continuous improvement of wireless connectivity in the 5G Internet of things era and the continuous innovation of smart home products. from our ideal “smart home” era has become more and more “perfect”. Now, the new Smart + connected experience created by Senrat electric towel rack and elves also arises at the historic moment.

Avoid soaking your feet for a long time, dry your toes in time after taking a bath, use sweat suppressants when your feet are sweating, penetrate air-friendly shoes and socks, and keep shoes and feet clean and dry. Pay attention to the hygiene of family dormitories, pedicure shops, swimming pools, baths, hotels and other places, do not walk barefoot on the ground, and do not share daily items such as nail Clippers, shoes and socks, bathtubs and towels with others. At the same time, actively treat other parts of their own Trichophyton, treatment of family members and pets of Trichophyton, so as not to spread each other.