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1. Baking Sheet with a Kitchen Towel:

(2) supplement sunscreen according to the instructions of the label. Wiping your body with a towel after swimming also removes the sunscreen products and reduces the effectiveness of sunscreen. After wiping your body with a towel, you must replenish the goods sold by sunscreen. In addition, especially for those who have thick cuticle, it is difficult for body milk to play a role without first using scrub to remove the cutin.

Mycoplasma and chlamydia are mainly transmitted through sexual contact. After entering the reproductive tract, they will enter the mucosal cells to grow and reproduce. Having sex with many people, or the man has urethritis, unsanitary and so on, these people are more likely to be infected. In addition to sexual transmission, they can also be transmitted through towels, hands, eyes, clothing, baths, toilet utensils and swimming pools.

3. Be sure to buy a multi-pole with a rack. Because it is impossible to dry only towels and bath towels, girls still have some intimate clothes to dry, or clothes for children in a family of three;

To sum up, the ground wire at home must check its reliability, and bad contact should be found in time and repaired in time. In addition, the toilet equipotential must be reliably connected and cannot be discarded. Toilet equipotential connection can ensure that when leakage occurs, showers, floor leaks, valves, towel bars and the ground are all at the same potential to avoid electric shock.

One of the advantages of living in Haitang Bay is that most of the beaches next to the hotel are people who stay in the hotel, so there are not many people, and there is a chic and cozy feeling of avoiding the flow of people. At the entrance to the beach, the hotel thoughtfully provides free mineral water, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, towels and tools for children to dig sand.

I took Nana to search for useful supplies in the castle in the middle of the lake. Because there is no real external business, so daily necessities can be called complete, washing products, sanitary products, towels and bath towels … Because of the particularity of the geographical location, these things are well prepared in the preparation stage.

Dry your hair with a hair dryer after washing your hair, not naturally. Many people choose towels instead of blowing hair, in fact, wet hair is the most fragile time, dry with towels or desperately shake hair, will cause hair fracture or knot.