2 hours and ventilated. Slippers , towels, swimming rings

2 hours and ventilated. Slippers , towels, swimming rings

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Control the number of personnel in a single session, the number of swimmers in each lane is calculated according to the average length of 6 meters per person, the maximum number of people in the spa area and bubble pool area is 2 square meters per person, and the distance between wet (dry) steaming room personnel should be not less than 2 meters. Changing rooms, bathrooms and other public areas are disinfected every 2 hours and ventilated. Slippers, towels, swimming rings and other items are not allowed to be shared to avoid cross-infection.

Note: do not need swimming foundation, bring swimsuit or beach suit, must bring towels and slippers. During the outbreak, everyone needs to do self-examination to ensure that there are no fever, headache and other related symptoms, and no experience of entry or exit or contact with the source of infection within 14 days.

There is also a beach, a big lawn, open-air movies at night, and you can bring dogs to check in. Dogs come here with their families and dogs can run happily. The facilities here are very complete, with a separate bathroom, 24-hour hot water, hairdryer, refrigerator, bath towels for each tent, disposable indoor slippers, outdoor slippers, mineral water, toiletries, two sets of toiletries each, with carpets in the tent, sofas with warm colors and wooden beds, which are very suitable for family travel or hanging out with friends.

2 hours and ventilated. Slippers , towels, swimming rings

In addition to swimming equipment, in case of choking, rinse your mouth with clean water in time; try not to use public bath towels, towels and slippers; take a shower in time after swimming to wash away the residue of disinfectant in the pool water; do not swim for too long, do not eat immediately after swimming, it is recommended to eat half an hour after the end In the process of swimming, it is necessary to put an end to uncivilized behaviors such as spitting in the pool, urinating in the pool and rubbing after entering the pool.

When it comes to the bathroom, always with the “dirty mess” side, cosmetics, foot buckets, slippers and other things a lot, randomly placed will appear to be very disorganized, so the toilet storage work should be paid attention to. In the early stage of decoration, it is necessary to improve the details to do a good layout, such as the space of the bathroom cabinet should be big enough to “hide” a pile of daily necessities. Towel hooks and shelves in the bathroom can not be saved, and sometimes you can choose the style of multi-storey shelves, so that small things will not be messy, and there are shelves of anti-bath products on the bathroom wall.

Household items category 5: daily necessities are the most commonly used things in life, including towels, soap, thermos, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, shower gel, washbasins, slippers, clothes hangers and so on. Daily necessities, household items, then these things provide a lot of help to our lives and make our lives better.

These organizers, usually made of durable and lightweight materials such as nylon or polyester, come in various sizes and designs to suit different needs. They typically consist of individual compartments or pockets to accommodate each pair of shoes or slippers separately. This not only protects your footwear from potential damage but also prevents them from rubbing against each other, keeping them clean and presentable throughout your trip.

2 hours and ventilated. Slippers , towels, swimming rings

▲ in the bottom of the bag there is my favorite anti-splashing independent shoe warehouse (with air vents), usually play ball, fitness, jogging and other sports no longer need to carry shoes alone, in addition, I like to bring my own slippers when traveling, this independent warehouse is so suitable for me. In addition, when there is a change of clothes, it can also be separated from the main bag here, and the dry-wet separation design is particularly practical.