mesh towel bag

mesh towel bag

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Yeah. Once when I took the pot halfway out of the oven (wrapped in a wet towel), I realized that the towel was wet. My palm was scalded for a whole week. Never use these things indiscriminately!

This bag is light and small, fashionable and stylish! When you go out on your back, you can improve your clothes, there is also a large space inside the bag, it is divided into multiple squares, daily shopping parties and commuting, the paper towels, lipstick, make-up products, mirrors and mobile phones that girls have to wear can fit.

The newly revised guidelines for the operation and service of the hair and beauty industry have put forward clear requirements for the prevention and control of the epidemic. It mainly includes: to keep the environment of the business premises clean and tidy, and to clean and disinfect the parts where customers come into contact with them in time. Keep a safe distance between stations to avoid crowds gathering, the service area of each station is not less than square meters, and the distance between seats is not less than meters. Hair cutting tools such as scissors, combs, pushers, etc., should be disinfected with one customer. Towels, scarves and other public goods should be disinfected one by one.

Health education for young children at any time, it is spring, we should do a good job of health prevention and disinfection. Give key guidance to individual young children. Wash your hands in order, do not play with water when washing hands, wipe your hands with towels; be able to use cutlery correctly, have civilized eating behavior, chew slowly, not picky, and concentrate on eating; keep the table, floor and clothes clean and tidy, wipe your mouth and rinse with water after meals; be able to enter the sleeping room quietly, with the help of the teacher, you can take off your clothes in order, put them in a fixed place, sleep quietly and sleep in the right position.

mesh towel bag

Men in their thirties and thirties may be more fashionable than, for example, towels and gloves when they are lively. These are their favorites.

Some people do not use shampoo after swimming, just rinse with hot water or simply dry their hair with a towel, which will leave germs. If the scalp is damaged, the wound can be easily contaminated.

Even earlier, such as those Aquis towels I bought five or six years ago, none of them were worn out and naturally eliminated by me, but were accidentally thrown away by me. The missing places are gymnasium, swimming pool, hotel bathroom during the trip.

Cleaning skills: prepare a basin of water, put a few tablespoons of shampoo in it, wet the towel, wipe the window with clean water, and finally dry it with a dry towel, the window will become bright and clean.

Rose essential oil is the most expensive essential oil in the world, which is called “after essential oil”. In particular, it has a very good cosmetic and skin care effect, which can dilute spots inside and outside, promote melanin decomposition, improve skin dryness, restore skin elasticity, and make women have white, elastic and healthy skin. it is an aromatic essential oil suitable for female health care. Practice: mix 2-5 drops of rose essential oil with shampoo and wash your hair, or mix the essential oil and base oil at the rate of 1:10 into massage oil, apply massage to the scalp and hair after shampoo, then wrap the hair with a wet towel for about 20 minutes before rinsing. Efficacy: it can not only improve the blood circulation of the scalp, improve the nutritional status of the head, but also help to improve the hair dry, irritable, forked and other problems.

mesh towel bag

The specific way of practice: the human body stands naturally, the feet open as wide as the shoulder, the upper body leaning forward, the buttocks upward, both hands holding a towel at both ends, as wide as the shoulder, the arm straight, using the strength of the arm, shoulder and back to imitate the rowing movement.